A Board Game Success Story


It sells about 100,000 units a month. 50,000 of them on Amazon alone. That’s $1.5 million in sales. Every. Single. Month.


No, this isn’t the latest tech gadget. It’s not even a new product.


In fact, it came out in 2011. It was an early Kickstarter success story, but still, it only raised $15,570 over the course of that campaign, which is small by today’s standards.


Have you guessed what this hugely successful product is?


Ever heard of Cards Against Humanity? That little black box filled with naughty cards?

Cards Against Humanity

It’s dubbed as “the party game for horrible people”. Well, there must be a lot of horrible people out there for it to continue to sell 100,000 copies each and every month, despite the fact that it’s been around so many years!


Ok, Ok. It's not technically a board game. There's no board. It's really a card game. But we tend to use this term for all tabletop games, so let's just run with it!


But one of the most interesting things about the success of Cards Against Humanity is the fact that was created by eight friends just out of high school with no experience designing games or running a company. This wasn’t created and produced by a huge gaming company like Hasbro, Asmodee, or Fantasy Flight.


They did this all independently.


They came up with an idea, played it with their friends, and quickly discovered they had a big hit on their hands.


Now they’re raking in $1.5 million every single month through sales of the base game and the many expansions. Now, keep in mind that’s $1.5 million in revenue, not profit, but still! Even bringing in a reasonable percentage of that is still a mind-blowing number, especially considering they’ve already done the work, and this is mostly passive income!


Many people have looked at this example and have tried to replicate their success. You may even be thinking to yourself “wow, I could come up with something like that!” And I’m sure you could. Very easily.


But it turns out there’s a lot more involved than just coming up with expressions that make people cringe.


However, it doesn’t have to be complicated. You just need to understand the process.


So how do you go from an idea to having a successful game that everyone wants to play?


See, one of the things that made Cards Against Humanity so successful was... (continue reading on page 2 of 2)




































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