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Are You Looking to Get Your Game Published by an Established Game Publisher?

When your game is playing really well and you are looking at ways to share this with the world, you’ll want to look at your options. 

Maybe you’re thinking of self-publishing. 

Then again, maybe you’re thinking of pitching your game to a publisher…

This is definitely a good option if you want to focus on game design and are not interested in all the business aspects that go along with game publishing. While there is a lot of competition, if you can design a game that fits well with the publisher’s catalog, you could see your game on the shelf of major stores across the world. 

While this may not make you rich, 5% of something is much better than a hundred percent of nothing. Now, the royalties you earn on a game may vary, so this is just an example. Remember that going this route also lets you focus on game design and moving on to your next game rather than splitting your time between game design and business.

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