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I had the pleasure of having Aimee Ann (better known as the Red Headed Book Lover) review my recent book, The Board Game Designer’s Guide, and was humbled by her comments:

“Joe Slack surprised me time and time again with his brilliant book and so, if you are a reader who adores games… has an idea but does not know how to bring it to fruition then I implore you to read this fantastic book!”

Check out the full review here!

She goes on to say:

“Creativity is a wonderful tool, and Joe Slack will inspire you to be even more creative; he is a talented, descriptive writer whose words feel personal. He will flawlessly take you on a journey on how to build the perfect game and bring your brilliant ideas to life. As I love this book, I, of course, have to award The Board Game Designers Guide a dazzling Five Stars!”

If you love board games and have ever thought of making your own, this book is just what you need.

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