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We had a team-building event at work last week and I was pleasantly surprised that they took my suggestion of going to the local board game café! What better way to have fun and get to know those you work with in an enjoyable setting?

I was asked to get us started, so I chose Codenames, which everyone seemed to really like. Then we played a couple of other team-based games, Taboo and Cranium. Lots of funny moments and learning people’s hidden talents. 🙂

We had a big group so at times we had two tables with different games going. They even broke out Cards Against Humanity at the other table for a few rounds – talk about a “not safe for work” game! But they had a good time and some hearty laughs over it, so all was good. It was even suggested we get a copy for the office. 🙂

‎What games have you played with your team or co-workers? What games would you like to try with them? Let me know in a comment below.

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