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Should You Design Your Game By Yourself or With a Partner (or Partners)?

Excerpt from The Board Game Designer’s Guide – being released December 2017.

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Is it better to partner with someone or go at it alone?

As with just about everything, there are pros and cons to whatever approach you take. If you make your game all by yourself, this allows you more flexibility, control, and the ability to work on this whenever you have the time.

Having a partner on the other hand, will help keep you accountable and split the workload (which is especially helpful if each of you has different skills that will help make the game even better). But this will also mean splitting the rewards.

So what’s the best approach? That’s really up to you.

Just because you create your first game on your own, doesn’t mean you can’t collaborate with somebody in the future, or vice versa. You can always try out both approaches, and you may have to work on different games with different people before you find a good match.

Whatever you decide, always keep in mind that it takes many people to make a great game. You may be the designer, but you must also rely on playtesters, other designers, and whomever you work with along the way to get your game published, to ensure that your game isn’t just good, but the best it can be. It really does take a community to make an amazing board game.

So, what approach are you taking with your current game (or games)?

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