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Wrapping Up Your Kickstarter Campaign (and how to end it with a bang!)

Last week we discussed getting more eyeballs on your campaign page and this week, as we wrap up our Kickstarter campaign for Mayan Curse, we’ll be focusing on how to end your campaign with a bang.

By the way, the Mayan Curse Kickstarter campaign ends in just a few days on Nov 17th, so if this looks like a game you’d enjoy, I would encourage you to check out the campaign page and back it before this ends.

Wrapping Up Your Kickstarter Campaign (and how to end it with a bang!) 1
Wrapping Up Your Kickstarter Campaign (and how to end it with a bang!) 2

So, as we head into our final days, I want to share with you the strategies we’re using and that you should be thinking about in the final week of your Kickstarter campaign (or whatever crowdfunding platform you choose).

Encouraging Those on the Fence to Support the Campaign

There will always be some folks who are thinking about backing your game but they just haven’t pulled the trigger.

They may be unsure if your game is for them, they may be debating between backing your game and some other game, or maybe they’re just busy and it’s not at the top of their mind.

Whatever the reason, you want to get as many of those fence-sitters backing your game as you can so that even more people will enjoy your game and so that you can run a successful business and keep making great games.

Don’t be afraid to email those who have signed up to your email list to remind them about the campaign. Sometimes a friendly reminder is all they need! Many people are procrastinators, so make sure to let them know that time is running out for them to get on board.

Entice those fence-sitters by showing them unlocked stretch goals, new art, or anything else that will help to bring them on board.

Email them when there’s only 48 hours left in your campaign and again when you’re down to your last few hours. Don’t feel like you’re spamming them. As long as you do this genuinely, you’re simply reminding them that this opportunity will be closing soon and you don’t want them to miss out on a game they may love.

Keep Sharing Everywhere

In addition to keeping everyone on your email list informed about the end of your Kickstarter campaign, make sure to continue to share images, game play videos, reviews, and other content to keep up your momentum.

Update ads, banners, and other content, especially around the 48-hour mark before your campaign will be ending to let people know that time is of the essence.

You don’t want someone who really wants to get your game to miss out on their opportunity.


Of course, you also want to be gracious and show your gratitude to everyone who backed your game or even followed along with the campaign.

After all, they didn’t have to buy your game. They could have bought one of the many thousands of other games available through stores, Kickstarter and other crowdfunding platforms, or elsewhere online.

So, make sure to thank everyone who showed you support, offered great suggestions during your campaign, and gave you their trust.

Now it’s up to you to deliver on your promise!

Make sure to check out the Mayan Curse Kickstarter campaign! Your last chance to back is November 17th at 5pm Eastern.

What has a creator done to get you off the fence and eagerly back their game?

Please share your story with us.


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