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4 awesome board game resources you need to see

Have you been struggling lately in creating your game or moving your game forward? I’ve been reading and listening to some really cool game design-related stuff lately, everything from Kickstarter ideas to legal issues in game design, and wanted to share these great resources with you.

Check them out!

LISTENBoard Game Legal Issues (Board Game Business Podcast): Listen to what a lawyer who works with video game and board game companies has to say about re-skinning games, ideas vs. expression of those ideas, and the use of Google images for your prototypes. Some of the answers might surprise you!

LISTENDesigning an Awesome Print and Play (Board Game Design Lab Podcast): Who knew that getting a print and play version of your game right could be so tricky? Key takeaways – circular tokens are a challenge to cut out (unless you have the right tools) and everyone has their own process (so provide different versions!).

READStarbucks Rewards as Stretch Goals (Stonemaier Games): Jamey Stegmaier talks about the brilliant “Star Rewards” system used by Starbucks, and how creators could do something similar on their Kickstarter campaign. I’m thinking of how to apply some of these ideas for an upcoming campaign…

READBoard Game Designers are Bad at Pitching Games to Publishers (Nick Bentley of North Star Games): This one I actually read a while back, but I also re-read it recently, as Nick permitted me to include this in my upcoming book, The Board Game Designer’s Guide to Getting Published. Lots of great tips, and just the right questions you need to ask yourself to prepare your pitch.

I hope you find these board game resources helpful.

Which one of the above articles and podcasts was your favourite or the one you’re most interested in checking out if you haven’t yet?

Please leave your comment below.


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