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Run! They’re Right Behind Us!!!

I wanted to share some pics from playtesting I did this weekend.  

First up is a frantic fast-paced co-operative team game tentatively called Flight From Dr Demented’s Lab.  In this game, you and your friends wake up in different cells within a mad scientist’s basement laboratory.  You only have ten minutes to find your way out.  But that would be too easy, wouldn’t it… I should probably also mention that the mad scientist has released his henchmen and they are chasing you down every step of the way!  


Run! They’re Right Behind Us!!! 1


The group liked this one so much they played it three times (always a good sign!).  Each time they just barely made it out with seconds to spare!

Run! They’re Right Behind Us!!! 2

P.S. I’ll be sharing more pics of games I’m working on over the coming weeks, as well as info on how you can try some of these out yourself.  Stay tuned!

Run! They’re Right Behind Us!!! 3

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