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Want to know what makes a successful Kickstarter campaign?

Kickstarter has been a fantastic addition to the tabletop community in many ways. It has allowed new creators to share their idea, gauge interest, and gather capital to help make their dream project come true.

But there have been downsides as well. The gatekeeper is no longer there, but that means that not every game coming to Kickstarter has gone through the same rigorous standards that most publishers would require. It has also resulted in a much greater number of games being released each year, which can overwhelm an already noisy market.

Have you ever thought of running your own Kickstarter campaign? Interested in what it takes to make a project successful?

Well, I’ve got some great resources to share. Some are old and some are new, but all of them share some great insider information direct from the Kickstarter experts.

[Book] A Crowdfunder’s Strategy Guide – This is a great book by Jamey Stegmaier of Stonemaier Games, a definite expert in Kickstarter (although he doesn’t use the platform anymore, he has had many successes in the past). It’s available in e-book, paperback, and audiobook formats. I have this book in my collection and have read it 3 times now. This is a must-read if you’re even thinking of going to Kickstarter.

[Podcast] Kickstarter Journey – This is a relatively new podcast started by designer and publisher Wes Woodbury. He interviews successful Kickstarter creators to get insights into what made their projects flourish. Jamey Stegmaier even appears in episode #9. This is going to be one I start listening to regularly.

[Blog] Kickstarter Advice – James Mathe passed away last year. He was a very giving soul, who was always there to help others, often responding to questions with a gruff but helpful “read my blog!”. There is a wealth of information here, from fulfillment to pledge managers to step-by-step checklists. James’ legacy lives on.

Did you know about these resources? Which did you find the most helpful?

Comment below and let me know!

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