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Why becoming a great playtester will not only make you a better designer but also get more people to playtest your games

Most of us have found ourselves in that situation where we’re at a game design event and we’d love to get in just one more playtest of our game before the night is over.

But how do you do that without coming across as selfish or being pegged as that designer who is only there to playtest their own game?

The answer may surprise you.

I spoke with Peter Hayward, founder of Jellybean Games, as part of the Board Game Design Virtual Summit, and he talked about why you should first focus on becoming a great playtester and how this will open so many doors for you.

Rather than explain what he meant by this, I wanted to share a little snippet of our conversation (it’s a quick but valuable 2:33 clip). Have a listen:

We also talked about ways to eliminate that dreaded beast, downtime, the best questions to ask at various stages of playtesting to get the most helpful feedback, and how to interpret body language to ensure people are loving your game instead of tuning out.

This is just one of the 3 fantastic interviews lined up today on the topic of Game Design Best Practices.

Want to hear more of what Peter, along with 19 other board game industry experts, have to say about finding success in designing, getting your game signed and published, building a following, and launching your own game?

Then check out the Board Game Design Virtual Summit, which starts today at 10am EST.

Don’t worry! It’s not a live event. You can listen to the interviews whenever you have the time, all from the comfort of your home.

And best of all… it’s free!

Check out all the details here.

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