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So, You Want To Be a Board Game Designer…

Are you a person with a board game idea? Or do you want to become a board game designer? The two are very different. It’s easy to come up with a board game idea, or any idea for a product or service for that matter, but it takes a lot more to put that idea into action.

While it may seem easy to create a board game, if you want it to be something that people will really enjoy and keep coming back to, you do have to put in some hard work to get there. Sure, it’s fun work, but it’s still work.

So I have to ask you, why do you want to design a board game? What do you want to get out of this experience?

Are you creating a new game for the fun of it?

Are you designing it for the challenge?

Are you getting into board game design to make money?

Are you looking at this as a possible new career?

Or do you just love the hobby and want to get more involved in the board game community?

All of these are possibilities, although you should know up front that designing board games full-time and making any significant money from it can definitely be a challenge. So above all, you really have to have a love for board games, along with the whole process of board game design.

There’s a lot of fun and a sense of accomplishment that can come from identifying and solving problems for the challenges that come with board game design. I’m a problem-solver myself, so this is another aspect that really appeals to me.

So, why are YOU designing a board game?

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    Games combine Art, Language, Logic and Mathematics. They teach us, entertain us, and bring us together. Games are the pinnacle of human civilization.

    That’s why I play Games, and also why I design them.

    Wow. I don’t know what happened up there. My message got chopped up, and parts of it totally rearranged.