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The top 4 board game design articles from the past 4 years

When I quit my day job and first started blogging consistently, posting a new article every Monday, I didn’t know that it would become so popular or that I’d still be here writing every week 4 years later!

So, I thought this would be a good time to reflect on my top 4 most viewed articles from the past 4 years. Some articles I expected would do well, while others surprised me. If you’re new to the blog, these articles may be new to you as well.

Let’s have a look at each of these articles (you can access each of these with the links provided).

#4. How to Create an Amazing Co-op Game

This one surprised me a bit. I know that co-op games are much more common than they were a decade ago, but board games are still very much dominated by competitive games. There are some subtle differences in game design for cooperative games, so it’s nice to know that people have found this helpful in developing their own unique co-op games.

#3. Peanuts and Promises – How Board Game Designers Get Paid

This one really surprised me with its popularity. But maybe I shouldn’t be that surprised. After all, if people are getting into game design and are thinking about getting their game published, they might want to know how lucrative this may be, if it is worth their time, and just how other board game designers get paid. Anyhow, this is definitely a topic that all board game designers should know more about.

#2. 10 Ways to Come up with Brilliant Game Ideas

It’s fair to imagine that many new board game designers would be interested to know how to come up with ideas for their games. While experienced designers may come up with dozens of ideas with little effort, it may be more challenging for up-and-coming designers to do so. This article provides some great ways to get started and I even updated this article earlier this year with 2 bonus ideas!

#1. How to Get Your Game on Tabletop Simulator now Without Flipping the Table

It makes sense that this article is #1. With most of the world limiting travel and social interactions for a good portion of the last 2 and a half years due to the ongoing pandemic, many have embraced playtesting their games digitally. Tabletop Simulator took off in popularity as a result and people wanted to figure out how to convert their games onto this digital platform to continue (or start) to playtest their games with others. I know there is a bit of an initial learning curve for this platform, so I was glad to see that this article was helpful to so many people.

Wrapping it up

Whether you’re making a digital version of your game, designing your first co-op game, want to know how game designers make a living or are just looking for new ways to come up with game ideas, there’s plenty of information here, plus a whole lot more on the site.

Did you find any of these articles (or any others) particularly helpful?

I’d love to hear from you. Please leave a comment and share your thoughts.

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